With the stringent environmental quality requirements placed upon industry today, obtaining professional assistance is a necessity. We provide help with waste water permits, TRE studies, PPC Plans, environmental site assessments, solid waste disposal, and spill cleanup. These tasks must be undertaken with the utmost skill and attention to detail to avoid imposition of fines, unrealistic effluent limitations, and burdensome monitoring requirements.

ProChemTech International, Inc., is pleased to offer its clients a full range of environmental services based on our unmatched industrial experience in this field. We are unique in that our years of environmental experience in industry is combines specialty chemical production, and design, engineering, with construction of complete water and wastewater treatment systems. Our company has over 40+ years of experience, with over 100 wastewater and solid waste permits obtained in fifteen states and many major projects completed. In addition to this, our employees have participated as expert witnesses in numerous hearings and actions before several environmental agencies.


COOLING Water and Cooling tower systems

Evaporative cooling towers are the best most cost effective cooling technology on the market for industrial processes. Since 1987 ProChemTech has designed, supplied, and installed many cooling tower systems for all kinds of facilities and customers all across the country. We offer services ranging from designing a brand new cooling system and all in one package for your facility, to and retrofitting and replacing older systems with newer more efficient packages on an existing plant. We can also provide support equipment packages such as chemical control panels and feed systems, all in one pump systems, or chemical storage devices to help keep the cooling tower system you already have functioning at peak efficiency.



Boiler Feed and Control systems

Boiler systems from the outside appear to be simple, but there is nothing simple about a water system that the entire life of a factory can revolve around. With that in mind ProChemTech brings its over 40 years of expertise in the field of water treatment to your boilers. Thus making sure your facility only has the best equipment and controls for your boiler chemistry and water needs.


Custom Control panel 1.jpg

Custom water System Designs

Since no two factories are the same, why should you be forced make an incompatible system fit your water needs? ProChemTech specializes in being able to meet the demands of our customer’s water systems by custom designing the perfect system for you. Not only can we custom make the equipment for your water system but we can also design the perfect electrical control panel to give you the best ease of access for running this new system. After all no challenge is too difficult for our engineering department and we are confident in our ability to design a system that meets your requirements.


Waste water treatment systems

Almost all industrial processes generate some form of wastewater. In a world of constantly changing environmental regulation, increasing water and sewer costs, and the limed reserves of fresh water supplies, dealing with wastewater is more important than ever. Having the correct method for dealing with your wastewater problems is the most important aspect when looking to solve your facilities issues. For this reason, ProChemTech investigates all available options and then custom designs the best solution for each client. Custom designed and manufactured ProChemTech treatment systems and chemical products provide our clients with the most cost-effective answer to the waste water problem.



Additional Water treatment and processing equipment

When operating your facilities’ water systems, having the correct equipment installed can be just as important as having the right chemical treatment, and in some cases even more important. A major factor in the failure of water treatment programs can be having incorrect or faulty equipment. Having the best equipment at your facility is of the utmost importance to having your systems running the best they can. ProChemTech is happy to supply you with all your water treatment equipment needs.