Corporate Profile

ProChemTech International was chartered as a privately held Delaware corporation in 1987 by its current owners. Due to the fact that there is little innovation in the water management field and that no supplier provides integrated water management programs combining innovative chemical products and equipment; on-site service; environmental, health and safety expertise; systems design ability and manufacture both chemicals and equipment, ProchemTech’s goal is to offer many advantages by consolidating all of these services for its customers. Our innovative products are the keystone of our ability to compete with the many large and small marketing and sales driven firms in the water management business.




The goal of ProChemTech International is to provide commercial, industrial, and municipal clients with a state of the art "single source", combining chemistry, systems design, and engineering; for solutions to water and wastewater management problems. In pursuit of this goal, the company has developed its own proprietary system designs and manufactures its own specialized treatment equipment as well as boiler, cooling water, and wastewater treatment chemicals.


Corporate Qualifications

ProChemTech is a privately held Delaware "C" corporation registered in the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania. Both the Apache Junction and Brockway chemical plants are US EPA registered facilities for production of biocides, facility numbers 58616-1-AZ and 586161-1-PA. PCT is licensed as a water management contractor in the State of Arizona, ROC 241899, and has obtained ISO 9001:2000 registration for water management programs. All accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, engineering, and policy are centralized at our Brockway, PA, office.