ProChemTech provides a full range of water management services for treatment of boiler, cooling tower, process, and industrial waste waters. Our innovation carries over to all of our chemical products. This makes ProChemTech the leader in water treatment innovation and invention because instead of trying to make your water system fit into one of our predesigned treatment systems, we find the perfect water treatment chemistry for your unique facility. Whether it’s cooling water, boiler water or waste water systems ProChemTech has the solution you are looking for.


Cooling Water Chemistry

Traditionally cooling water is treated to control corrosion, prevent scale, reduce deposition, and eliminate biofouling. ProChemTech has been an innovator in the development of new chemical products and processes that better solve these traditional problems. When combined with ProChemTech’s own technologies we are able to reduce water usage, chemical usage, and minimize environmental impact. This gives your employees a safer working environment and reduces costs to your facility.



Boiler Water Chemistry

The steam plant is the heart of many manufacturing, hospital, and food processing facilities. Boiler systems are subject to scale, deposition, and corrosion problems which adversely impact reliable, efficient operation. We have developed a proven line of  chemical products, many USDA approved, and equipment for economically addressing these traditional problems while reducing water and chemical use, minimizing environmental impact, and providing a safer working environment.



Legionella Treatment and control

The control of biological growth in cooling systems is a major concern for anyone operating these types of systems. Aerosol from evaporative cooling systems can transmit infectious bacteria from these systems over long distances. Legionella bacteria have become a major concern due to severe pneumonia that it causes. Legionella has been linked to a number of deaths since its discovery in 1977. Although there are relatively few cases of illness from Legionella in the US, it is well adapted to thrive in man-made cooling systems and proper treatment has been found to be very effective in reducing the risk of spreading infection causing legionella bacteria. ProChemTech has worked with a number of customers to directly monitor growth of legionella in systems. We are proud to be a key part of reducing the risk and liability of our customers.



Waste Water chemistry treatment Products

Our experience has taught us that each type of wastewater is unique and that a specific treatment method should be designed for each to obtain optimum results. Finding the right chemistry to treat a given wastewater starts in our laboratory, where the level and chemical form of pollutants are determined. Using this analytical data, we select several chemistries for detailed bench-scale treatability testing to ascertain the best one for that wastewater. We have an extensive selection of chemistries available to us due to our years of industrial wastewater treatment experience and in-house manufacturing capacity.



service Technicians

With the purchase of treatment and or equipment for cooling towers, boilers, and waste water treatment systems, ProChemTech provides routine service visits. During the service visit, monitoring and testing for the treatment product(s) is provided. Equipment is also checked for proper operation. Service can be provided monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.