ProChemTech is unique in the field of water treatment as it combines R&D with chemical treatment expertise, equipment/systems design, and manufacturing. This allows ProChemTech to create new innovations in the field of industrial water treatment. That allows us to facilitate change in the industry for the better. When approaching a new problem produced by a customer we don’t try to force the industry standard on them. Instead we find the best possible solution for their issue and if we don’t have something on hand, we create a solution. Many of our patented processes were developed through years of research and development and are now considered the best solutions for solving many of the major industrial water problems companies face. Below we’ve highlighted a few of our most popular innovative projects and development success stories.


electro brom Biocide generator

Microorganism infestations in a cooling tower can cause a variety of issues, such as blockage, accelerated corrosion, and harmful bacteria that can cause multiple health issues to your employees. In order to combat these microorganisms, biocides are commonly used to prevent these issues from developing. Biocides can come with their own set of problems such as high cost, being hazardous, and environmentally dangerous. Due to these factors, finding a more cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly solution was extremely prudent for businesses. To this end ProChemTech International has developed ElectroBrom technology to provide a safer, environmentally friendly, and more cost-effective solution. Which eliminates the growth of microorganisms and to extends the life of a cooling tower.


(Blue trak) Cooling tower control system.jpg

blue trak Automated Chemical Control system

In cooling water systems better control of chemical dosages provide significant benefits such as lower operating costs, prevention of scale and corrosion in the system. Our unique patented* BlueTrace tm tracer colorant is the solution to this task. Bluetrace alone provides a cost effective, quantum leap in performance over previous means for control of treatment chemical levels in cooling water. ProChemTech decided to take it one step further and developed the Blue Trak system to provide and automate chemical control systems to work alongside our blue trace chemical colorant.



blue valley Fish Culture Station

Acidic drainage containing dissolved metals from abandoned mines is a major cause of impaired water quality in many areas of the country. The coal mining regions of Pennsylvania were especially hard hit. ProChemTech was approached to form a partnership with the Toby Creek Watershed Association, Inc and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to create a solution for the runoff of one abandoned mine. ProChemTech agreed to design and build the equipment for the project to clean up the mine drainage. Taking the idea one step further ProChemTech also declared the waste water could be used for a fish culture station and Pennsylvania stock trout would be able to be raised in the cleaned acid mine drainage. With funding secured ProChemTech set about the task of building the system, and with that the Blue Valley project was created.


Marcellus Wastewater Reuse and recover Project

Recovery of natural gas via hydrofracture from Marcellus shale is the largest gas investment in the United States. Operation of a Marcellus gas well produces between 200 to 4,000 gallons of wastewater per day. This wastewater, typically containing 25 to 35% dissolved solids, is a costly wastewater disposal problem. ProChemTech has addressed this problem by the development of resource recovery technology that converts the wastewater into salable commodity chemical products.



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