Equipment Overview

While we could go into great detail of every piece of equipment ProChemTech can provide to your company here’s a quick highlight of some of the most important systems for running a healthy water system in your plant.


FIlTER Systems

Multimedia Filters:

Many times the major problem is simply to many suspended solids in the water within the facility or wastewater. ProChemTech has developed a complete line of single and multi-tank pressure filters using multimedia for removal of many different suspended solids. Multimedia filters generally consist of anthracite, sand, and garnet, and are much more effective than the typical sand media filter often found on the market today. A multimedia filter is capable of having higher solids loading in the filter, which in turn reduces backwash water use as well as being able to remove much smaller sized suspended solids. Units can be teamed with polymer flocculation for cost effective removal of suspended solids down to less than 0.5 microns in size. ProChemTech can provide both electromechanical and programmable logic controlled units in flow ratings from 8 gpm to 2,000+ gpm. Smaller units can be supplied skid mounted, while bigger units are field assembled at facilities.

Membrane Filters:

In cases, where premium water quality is a requirement, membrane technology is often the method of choice. This advanced technology is useful for the removal of suspended solids, breaking of emulsions, and/or decreasing of dissolved solids. Membrane technology, which includes the specific processes of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration, essentially is a cross flow filtration process using membrane elements which have “pores” of specific, predetermined size. Water under pressure is supplied through as permeate, while the suspended and dissolved solids are removed in a reject of concentrate stream. Membrane technology is now a practical solution for many industrial treatment problems and ProChemTech has a great deal of experience designing and building membrane filtration systems for many needs of various customers.


Regardless if you are running a boiler system, or a zero blow down cooling tower, a water softener is the most important piece of pretreatment equipment in your facility. Having an undersized or faulty softener can be the difference between having an effective chemical treatment program, or a system filled with scale.  

ProChemTech offers a wide variety of water softeners to meet our customers’ needs. Allow our expert engineering team to find the perfect softener for your needs. If your facility requires something more unique we can design a custom system to meet the requirements for your company.

ProChemTech not only will supply your company with the correct softener but we will be there every step of the way to make sure it’s installed and operating correctly. Along with assisting in the installation, ProChemTech’s service department can train facility operators on the correct maintenance procedures for running your new softener, as well as providing expert service to keep the new equipment functioning correctly so you get the most out of your chemical treatment programs.


The all in one pump skid makes installation of new pumps for your water system a breeze. Not only do they take up less space, they also allow you to have all your pumps in one place for ease of maintenance and access. Pump skids can also be customized to have many other features such as control panels and sensors, chemical feed systems,  or even additional storage tanks.