Cooling Tower Systems


Chemical feed and control

One of the most important aspects to running an efficient and effective cooling tower system is to have good chemical feed and control systems installed. ProChemTech is happy to provide all the solutions to these problems. As well as having all the normal equipment required to run a cooling tower efficiently, such as a large selection of chemical feed pumps, chemical containment devices, and system controllers; we also offer all in one control panels an innovative engineering solution.

All in one cooling tower control panels, save space by being wall mounted. They also prevent confusion by having all your equipment in one location. All the pumps, sensors, and controllers that you need to run a healthy and efficient cooling tower are all mounted to the board. Our customers no longer face the issues of long chemical feed lines, or randomly placed controllers that are hard to find or work on. Since every plant and cooling tower is different our panels are custom designed to the exact needs of the customer and their facility.

All-in-One SYSTEMS

The Engineered Systems Division of ProChemTech has designed and supplied cooling tower systems for industrial and HVAC applications for many years now. We provide complete design and equipment packages for your fluid cooler systems. As such every system comes with a 20 year manufacturers’ warranty from Delta on the cooling tower. A 5 year warranty against corrosion damage is applied on all other equipment from ProChemTech when our specified water management program is utilized. Whether you are a consulting architect, engineer, or a direct user ProChemtech can provide you with a cost effective, and durable fluid cooling system.

Our shop builds equipment packages that include any of the following:

  • Pump skids

  • Hot and cold well

  • Heat exchangers

  • Control panels

  • Sidestream filtration

  • Makeup pretreatment

  • Water chemistry controls

delta towers

Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. has combined the superior engineering design of counter flow cooling towers, with an all plastic construction that makes a totally corrosion proof, efficient, cooling tower a reality. ProChemTech is pleased to be working with Delta towers, and as licensed OEM supplier of Delta cooling towers. These towers are perfect for new construction and replacement markets across the United States. Every Delta tower comes with a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Delta cooling towers are greener environmentally superior systems, because there is no galvanized metal to corrode and pollute the environment with zinc. The towers can also be safely acid cleaned to remove large buildups of scale without fear of destroying the tower.

The counter flow design allows higher cycles and less water use than cross flow units. The prop fans are more efficient, and use less energy than, centrifugal blowers. Using direct drive fans on larger units helps improve maintenance as there are no belts or gears boxes to fail.

All of this together adds up to give you a more energy and water efficient cooling tower, with lower maintenance requirements that won’t corrode.

Many different models are available for any kind of need your facility might require. Contact your local ProChemTech representative today to learn more.