Waste Water Systems



One of the workhorses of the ProChemTech line of treatment equipment is the inclined plate clarifier also known as the IPC. This device provides effective removal of suspended solids from high flows of wastewater using minimal floor space. Slanted plates are set at an angle to the flow of water to dramatically increase the surface settling area as compared to a typical settling tank or clarifier. ProChemTech manufactures a complete line of IPC’s to operate at flow rates ranging from 5 gpm to 250 gpm. Higher flow rates can easily be obtained by parallel installation of multiple IPC units. ProChemTech inclined plate clarifiers have several features not found in competitive units. Some of these features include the following:

  • Fully adjustable V-notch weirs constructed of stainless steel and fiberglass

  • Easily removable plate packs constructed of polished fiberglass that allow for zero head loss entries into the plate pack

  • Integral “square” dimension mix and post clarifier tanks

  • sludge collection hoppers that have no moving parts.

These features result in an inclined plate clarifier that, we believe, is simply the best unit manufactured in the world today.


Where the wastewater flow is low, and an inclined plate clarifier based system is too costly for consideration, ProChemTech has devised another solution. The Sequential batch system, featuring a programmable logic controller, has been found to provide a cost effective means to treat small amounts of wastewater. The amounts can be as small as 100gpd, to up as large as 10,000 gpd. The Sequential batch system, is an extremely versatile single-tank treatment system that can be used for application of complex treatment schemes. The use of the programmable logic controller provides accurate and consistent chemical additions. In a single tank, a set volume can be subjected to all typical chemical and physical processes such as neutralization, flocculant addition, coagulant addition, settling, decanting of clear water, and removal of sludge.


Recycle and reuse of industrial wastewater presents some unique chemical problems not normally considered during the design of wastewater treatment plans. ProChemTech has invented a large number of unique treatment chemistries designed to prevent the addition of unwanted materials to treated wastewaters which facilitates recycle/reuse while effectively removing the targeted pollutants. In some cases

In some cases where a customer is using chemical treated water for a production process, ProChemTech was able to create none chemical solutions for removing the pollutants in their waste water. This allowed them not only to recycle their water and save on disposal fees, but because the chemistry was unchanged they were able to cut back on their chemical feed costs. As they no longer needed to keep adding fresh chemical and water to their systems.