Boiler Control Systems

To keep your boiler systems running at peak efficiency requires only the best water chemical treatment. To make sure you are receiving the best chemical treatment you need the best equipment for the job. ProChemTech‘s over 40 years of experience allows our employees to help you find the best solutions for your systems.

The heart of a good boiler chemical system is the boiler controller. With the correct boiler controller for your system you can make sure your boiler is getting the proper amount of chemicals to prevent scaling and pitting in the boiler. It also allows you to setup boiler automation. Automation allows the boiler to automatically control its blow down and chemical feed so you have a more consistent chemistry in the system. In turn this provides your company with a healthier running boiler.

Of course having the correct chemical feed pump, water meter controls and softeners are also important parts to having a healthy running boiler. ProChemTech is happy to not only supply this equipment but also can help install or design an all in one boiler control system for your factory. ProChemTech’s Service department can keep your boiler equipment running in top shape and correctly address any issues it might run into.