Waste Water chemistry treatment Products

ProChemTech custom designs each wastewater treatment system using proven industrial grade components and our own design and manufacture equipment to specifically take full advantage of the chemistry developed in the bench studies. This method results in the most cost-effective, reliable treatment system design possible.

Wastewater Recycle/Reuse

Recycle and reuse of industrial wastewater presents some unique chemical problems not normally considered during the design of wastewater treatment systems. For instance, many consulting engineers like to use ferric chloride as a primary precipitant followed by use of calcium hydroxide for pH neutralization. While this method will work on many different wastewaters, its use increases the amount of corrosive chloride and scale-forming calcium remaining in the treated wastewater. ProChemTech has invented a large number of unique treatment chemistries designed to prevent the addition of unwanted materials to treated wastewaters which facilitates recycle/reuse while effectively removing the targeted pollutants.

Pollutant Removal

Environmental restrictions are constantly changing, usually resulting in decreased discharge limits for wastewater pollutants. Meeting these decreased limits often requires application of non-traditional chemistry trains or research and development of entirely new chemistries. ProChemTech has met such challenges many times by developing innovative technology to reduce levels of such pollutants as arsenic, antimony, selenium, and lead to values impossible to obtain with traditional chemistries.

ProChemTech has been involved in industrial wastewater treatment for discharge, reuse, and/or recycle since 1987, with individual employees having experience levels varying from ten to forty years. It has been our collective observation that the success or failure of any wastewater treatment project is highly dependent upon the integration of the treatment chemistry and the process equipment used. By totally integrating both the treatment chemistry and equipment within one company, ProChemTech offers a superior service for resolution of industrial wastewater problems.