Boiler water chemistry

Each boiler system is unique because of its equipment, use, and makeup water. To obtain the most effective, economical treatment program each boiler system should have a program designed by a skilled professional specific to that installation. ProChemTech water treatment specialists have the experience and training to design such programs utilizing our comprehensive chemical and equipment lines.

Our experienced account managers and service technicians are supported by two manufacturing plants, and certified CWT staff. They design boiler water treatment programs to prevent scale and deposit formation on heat exchange surfaces while controlling corrosion throughout the entire boiler system. ProChemTech is a one stop shop for chemical boiler treatment products and boiler room equipment for your applications.


The following is a summary of these products and equipment; please contact us for additional information.

  • Alkaline Sequestrant Scale and Deposition Control Products

  • Traditional Chelant, Phosphate, and Carbonate Cycle Scale Control Products

  • Oxygen Scavengers

  • Condensate Treatments

  • Alkalinity Adjustment Products

  • Dispersant Polymer Products

  • Boiler Water Chemical Test Kits and Reagents

  • Mix Tanks and Chemical Metering Pumps

  • Cation Exchange Water Softeners

  • Water Softeners and Dealkalizers

  • Reverse Osmosis Units

  • Separate Bed Deionizers

  • Condensate Polishers

  • Complete Automatic Blowdown and Chemical Feed Control Systems         

  • Custom Design and Manufactured Boiler Room Water Treatment Equipment

Routine on-site service for boiler treatment programs is provided by our skilled, experienced service technicians working from our two chemical manufacturing plants and service centers.

Note: we manufacture all our boiler treatment chemicals.