Blue Trak

BlueTrace™, invented by ProChemTech in 2006 was created to improve field testing of phosphonate - polymer cooling water treatment products. While great for field testing and chemical control in a cooling water system, the bluetrak system was invented to help improve the precision of chemical control and automatically keep the water system at the perfect chemical concentration.

The BlueTrak™ IV sensor is a flow through laser diode spectrophotometer operating which measures the amount of BlueTrace™ in the cooling water and provides a signal to a chemical pump or controller to add product as needed to automatically maintain the set control level.

The sensor unit is water proof and has three connections, water in, water out, and the electrical connection. Operating power can be any 12 to 24 vdc source. A borosilicate glass tube providing an optical path length of 1 1/2” is used to obtain detection of BlueTrace™ at economic low levels.

BlueTrace™ spectrophotometric control technology has been proven in service since 2007 at over 200 industrial and HVAC accounts for control of chemical levels in both cooling towers and closed loop systems.